PaigeeWorld Facebook – Christmas Contest

PaigeeWorld Facebook Christmas Contest!   Win Copic Markers!


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Contest Theme:

Christmas is the theme!    The PaigeeWorld characters are enjoying the Christmas Season.     They may be shopping, decorating a Christmas Tree, having a snowball fight, singing carols, opening presents, Skiing, Sledding, looking at stars,  helping Santa, working at the North Pole and helping out, etc..    Be creative when you draw your characters!

Learn how to draw Holly on PaigeeWorld!

Holly from PaigeeWorld

Contest Rules:

1.  Your drawing must include your favorite PaigeeWorld, PaigeeDraw, PaigeeDraw Christmas or ChibiDraw character.     Please also try to make your characters outfits “Christmassy” – hair bows, hats, stockings, etc.

*You may use full characters or Chibis.

*You can find all of the Characters on the PaigeeWorld Application on iTunes!

2. Your drawing must also include all of the following:

*A Christmas Tree

*A Star

*A PaigeeWorld banner which can be placed anywhere in your drawing(a clothing detail, a present, scarf, shirt, etc.).

3. Your entry must also include at least TWO of these elements:

Learn how to draw Tsubasa

Learn how to draw Tsubasa on PaigeeWorld!

*Character representation of yourself – it won’t be as fun if you are not there!

*Boston Terrier dog



*Christmas Lights / Decorations / Ornaments


*Snow Flakes

*Christmas Stockings

*Character with Wings

4. All drawings must be hand drawn.

5. All drawings must be colored.

6. Drawing must be an original drawing by you and not entered in any previous contests. Entrants must not use other individuals copyrighted characters or works.

7. A maximum of 3 entries may be submitted.   (You can enter both the App and Facebook Contests, you may use your same contest entry for both contests.)

8. As PaigeeWorld is a community for all ages, age appropriate drawings must be submitted. We reserve the right to refuse any drawings that may not be suitable for all ages.

9. Friends and family of Paige Rohrick are excluded from the contest.

10. Only 1 prize will be awarded per individual.

11. All submitted drawings will be the property of PaigeeDraw Inc.  Credit will be given to the artist based on the information provided with the submission.

12. By submitting drawings , instructions and any other content to PaigeeDraw, you grant PaigeeDraw an irrevocable, perpetual, sole, transferrable, royalty-free, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, copy, publicly display, reformat, translate, exerpt (in whole or in part) and distrubute all content you have submitted for any purpose, commercial, advertising or otherwise (the “IP License”).

13. All individuals that have won a prize in the last year, are excluded from contest prizes, other than   the “Most Likes” prize.

Note: multiple characters are encouraged. Feel free to add your own original characters as well.

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Five main prizes will be awarded for the PaigeeDraw Facebook Christmas Contest.  Prizes vary by levels.    To enter this contest you must unlock your prize level via PaigeeCentral on the PaigeeWorld application on iTunes.

NOTE:  PAIGEEWORLD APP Contest entries automatically qualify for 2X Prizes!   You MUST submit your drawing twice – once on the app, then email to

Grand Prize (All Ages) 


13 and Under


14 to 16


17 and Up


Prize   “Most Likes”

Unlock 3 Aoi Manga Drawing Tutorials to earn this pin.

Unlock 3 Aoi Manga Drawing Tutorials to earn this pin.


REMINDER: Purchases on the online store through  the app fund ongoing contests and great prizes. Thank you for your continued support!


All entries will be judged on the basis of the following:

1. Level of skill of the drawing.

2. Image quality of the drawing.(scan quality)

3. Creative usage of characters.

4. Usage of contest elements.

5. Drawing style.

6. Age of artist.

7. Originality.

8. Illustrated “story”.

Most Likes Prize is based on Points received per drawing in the Contest Album:

- 1 Point for each Like the drawing receives

- 3 Points for each “Tag” the drawing receives (Maximum 100 Points)

- 5 Points for each “Share” that the drawing receives  (Maximum 100 Points)


Learn how to draw Holly on PaigeeWorld!

Holly – Christmas Chibi on PaigeeWorld!

Start/ End Dates

Starting: November 25, 2012

Ending: December 31, 2012


How to enter:

Email your drawing to

Subject:  PaigeeWorld Christmas Contest


  • Name:
  • Facebook Name:
  • DeviantArt Account (Optional):
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Characters in Drawing:
  • Title of Drawing:
  • Story:
  • Order Number (Optional – Required for 2X prize):
  • PaigeeWorld App Entry:  (Yes/No)
  • Attach your drawing as an attachment.