#FIREWORKS Mini Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the PaigeeWorld #FIREWORKS Contest winners!

The #Fireworks contest was open to everyone on PaigeeWorld!      The theme of the contest was fireworks.    Whether Independence Day, Canada Day or a special holiday where you live.

#Space Paigeeworld

Nyan and Paingusaurus in #Space by Paige Rohrick


All winners receive a signed / numbered limited edition print by Paigee!

“Nyan and Paingu-saurus in Space” by Paige Rohrick 





PaigeeWorld fireworks by crystee

Fireworks by crystee

Most Likes:

1st Place:  crystee

Story:   “Will you go see the fireworks with me tonight Nyan?”   The blushing boy asked.   Trent had been waiting for the perfect moment to ask her this.   They were alone on the schools roof top enjoying their lunch together, as they always did.   Nyan’s ears perked up when he asked, and her face became as scarlet as her hair. “O-okay.” she replied.

The day of the fireworks soon arrived.   The boy had arrived at Nyan’s house just in time to hear the ruckus occurring inside.  ”shhshh!” Said a panicked voice, which he knew belonged to Nyan instantly.   Nyan opened the door, and the puzzled boy was greeted by her loud friends.   “W-wait, why are they-” He gegan.  ”Sorry, I forgot to tell you that they’re coming!”  Nyan interrupted.   And so, his dream date was ruined.


PaigeeWorld Fireworks by colgatepony0823

Fireworks by colgatepony0823

2nd Place: colgatepony0823

Story:  No Story




Age Group 16 and Up:

Fireworks by fallingstar

Fireworks by fallingstar

1st Place:  fallingstar

Story: Nyan smiled warmly at the pictures scattered across her desk.   The 4th of July was her favorite holiday by far.  Not because of the fireworks or the food, but because it gave her a chance to invite all of her friends over and enjoy the day with the people she loved most.   It was the same every year.   Everyone would come, bringing food and cheerful smiles.   They would all site outside and enjoy just chatting and dining.   Then as night would fall they would all gather round and wait.   Children waited anxiously, the older ones sitting quietly, and then, something amazing would happen.   A single gold light would fly into the air.  Higher and higher it would go and then, in a burst of light, the sky would be illuminated in color.   Cheers would echo into the night, smiles spreading into the faces of all who watched.   This was why Nyan love the 4th of July.   It always made everyone smile, and that is all she wanted.

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by universe40

Fireworks by universe40



2nd Place: Universe40

Story:  None




Age Group 12 to 15:

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by kawaii2104

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by kawaii2104

1st Place:  kawaii2104

Story:   “Hey… Nyan?” Yuma called, looking away from the colourful sky to the red haired girl.

“Y-yes?  What is it?” Nyan stuttered, a light blush covered her cheeks.

“You know, you remind me of the fireworks in the sky right now.”   The brown haired boy pointed to the blooming fireworks entertaining their eyes.

“How come?”

“You’re cheerful, bubbly and I wouldn’t change a thing about you right now.   Because I love you the way you are.” Yuma confessed, his face becoming a rosy pin.

“A-ah… Thank you… I mean, for saying that.   And for inviting me to this rooftop here with you…”   Nyan smiled, clenching tighter to her red and white flag.  ”I never got a chance to say it, but… I r-really like you tooo…  I always have, but I could never bring myself to tell you.”

The brown haired boy looked at her puzzlingly, a slightly surprised expression on his face.

“L-listen, if you feel uncomfortable around me now, I underst-” Nyan started to turn away, but interupted by Yuma’s arrms wrapping themselves around her small body.

“What are you talking about?   Why would I feel uncomfortable around you when you just said exactly what I always wished to hear from you?”  Yuma smiled tightening his grasp around her.

“I-I wish this night would last forever…”

“Me too” Tyna started to loosen his grip, “Hey promise me somthing?”

“What is it?”

“From now on, tell me whatever you want to tell me okay?   Dont keep important secrets like this from me okay?”   The boy smiled sweetly at the red-faced girl, pointing  his pinky at her, “so, you promise?”

“I promise.”


PaigeeWorld Fireworks  by heytherehipster

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by heytherehipster

2nd Place: heytherehipster

Story:  None






PaigeeWorld Fireworks by nanakochan

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by nanakochan

Age Group 11 and Under:

1st place:   nanakochan






PaigeeWorld Fireworks by alexaaman10

PaigeeWorld Fireworks by alexaaman10


2nd Place: alexaaman10

Story:   The park is going to set up firewroks so Nyan and her sister Pyan decides to go there and see the sights so they went there and brought their picnic mat and went to the best spot to see it.    And brought their firework sticks and as the fireworks start Nyan runs around the field drawing pictures with the stock, so come join the fun!





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